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Style. Performance. Excellence.

Introducing the

all-new and daringly innovative Vanderbilt luxury pontoon


Merging luxury and sophisticated elegance with powerful comfort and sporty performance, the Vanderbilt breaks new ground in every way. This one-of-a-kind twin-engine pontoon watercraft is poised to transform recreational boating and inspire a new generation of boat enthusiasts.

Vanderbilt is clearly a boating vessel, designed and built for the 21st century. It features the industry’s only patented aft extended cockpit, a top-shelf driver console, the strongest chassis in the industry and more. Pull out of the dock with family and friends. Spend endless days on the water entertaining in style or relaxing in luxurious comfort. Create a legacy for future generations of your family.

Tasteful luxury, Inside and Out

Behold a premium experience from bow to stern, marked by stylish design, impressive woodgrain and aluminum accents and an array of purposefully engineered high-end features.

The consoles will astound you with their cutting-edge features and full height side armrest. Immerse yourself in its medallion digital driver interface, featuring a large, 12-inch screen. Run your fingers across decorative accents at the helm and along the side panel. This is how boating should be.

Vanderbilt Boat Features
Vanderbilt Boat Features
Vanderbilt Pontoons Boat

Get Ready to

Fall in Love with Vanderbilt

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